Caravan of Love is the debut piece by Tom Daldry.

It consists of two one-act plays: charting a catastrophic honeymoon, and then an anniversary from hell.

The writing has been described as a ‘love-child of Beckett, Pinter and Orton’ – dark, disturbing and with a streak of black humour.

The piece toured in Eastbourne, Prague Fringe Festival and Barnstaple Fringe Festival in May/June 2018.

Highlights can be viewed below.

“The twisted love-child of Beckett, Pinter and Orton.”

“Strong writing, acting and directing all round. Well done.”

“Mysterious and gripping.”

“Dark, scary and very very funny.”

“It’s a bit sick but I quite liked it.”

“Incredibly emotionally powerful.”

Audience Quotes

“Caravan of Love is bold, clever, edgy and finely nuanced theatre writing that takes an audience to the edge, and revels in it!

Take note of the name Tom Daldry, a fine young playwright in the making”

Jonny Magnanti – Actor