The most outstanding thing about this play is the writing…. This is the sort of writing that hauls you in to the world of the play from the very first word and never lets you out until the last full stop… A refreshing, original voice. I wish I could suggest something to improve’  Traverse Theatre

‘The three actors were brilliant at conveying the emotions and repression that flow through the script.’ Hastings Online Times

‘As a writer I love writing and Tom Daldry can certainly do that… and a great deal more! He is someone to watch, to follow… He has crafted by hand a Noah’s Ark of moral and ethical spiked dilemmas far too complex for me to go into one by one’ Andy Oakes

‘We at Printers Playhouse love reading a new Tom Daldry script… it won’t be long until the talent is noticed on a larger scale and we all take the time to celebrate in Theatre Nation’s rise to one of the country’s most exciting new theatre companies… a vital and progressive piece of theatre’
John Berry, Artistic Director of Printers Playhouse (Eastbourne)

‘Theatre Nation’s reputation for artistry and compelling drama reaches new heights with Tom Daldry’s latest play Polyamory?’
Frances Viner, Artistic Director, Hallucinating Angels

‘Tom Daldry is a committed young writer with a distinctive voice that stands out from his peers. His work is highly personal and unashamedly confronts the norms of relationships. One to watch.’
John Knowles, Writer/Producer, Fetch Theatre

‘Daldry has such a talent for writing, sharp dialogue, layered nuanced characters, an original idea and a thought-provoking, dynamic and stimulating plot’
Sabina Arthur, Performer

Theatre Nation, based in Hastings, are currently exporting their mix of youth and experience, classical yet unsettling, new yet confident but edgy drama to the rest of the UK and Europe to startlingly positive effect.
Michael Hambridge, Hastings Borough Council