The Life & Rhymes of Archy   

 & Mehitabel

    Fred and Ginger. Laurel and Hardy. Marks and Spencer. And now… Archy
    and Mehitabel.

    Theatre Nation have adapted Don Marquis’ delightfully humorous & satirical 
    verses into a one-hour one-person show.

    In the 1920’s, writer Don Marquis invented Archy the cockroach and his
    sometimes muse, Mehitabel the cat – ‘I was Cleopatra once’. Both are  
they’ve lived previous lives. First published as free verse poetry in           
    the New York
Daily Sun, Archy rose from cult status to become a legend in his
    own lifetime.

    Once a ‘free verse poet’, Archy is now trapped inside the body of a cockroach.
    He inhabits Boss’ apartment, discovers a typewriter and sets about recording
    his private memoirs for posterity.

    Archy’s reflections on the insanity and inanity of humanity also follow the
    amorous adventures of Mehitabel, introduce us to Freddy the Rat, Tom the
    Theatre Cat, Will Shakespeare and a host of other low lives of the insect
    kingdom – in this characterful, physically dynamic one-person show.

    Entertainment with satirical claws and bite.

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