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Waiting For Godot – Samuel Beckett

Theatre Nation and David Glass Ensemble

Stables Theatre Hastings

March 24 – April 3

Theatre Nation is a theatre company based in Hastings, East Sussex. We produce reimaginings of classical texts, stage adaptations and innovative new writing. In doing so, we collaborate with a range of artistic disciplines including music, dance & film.

Our work to engage young people with the arts is central to what we do.

Theatre ought to be accessible, affordable and aspirational. People shouldn’t have to travel to see professional-quality theatre: it should be on our doorstep.

Thus Theatre Nation was born. Last July, Patrick and myself began a creative journey: we began a theatre company, my first child. Hastings is rife with exceptional artistic talent, and we want to work with a wealth of artistic disciplines. We want to harness this talent into exceptional theatre productions: creating new work & adapting classic pieces alike.

We are passionate about inspiring young people: about encouraging creative opportunities, and about the possibility of performing what is possible. I would not be working as a creative artist were it not for the support I have received from Patrick. I hope to do the same with Theatre Nation. I hope to help young people find their talent, and to contribute to the unleashing of it. This might be through creative workshops, with school-specific matinees, providing volunteering opportunities and any number of things. To encourage self-belief.

Tom Daldry


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